Web.com is ruining the Network Solutions business reputation. I went for the pay per click and web page builer services. what a mistake. The pay per click was QUOTEd at .50 to 2.00 per click – when the reports came in they charged me as much as $5.00 per click! I was specificaly told they charged $500/month max and rolled over under used fees to the following month…..nope. they maxed my $500.00 out almost imediately by charging $5.00 per click. I asked for written confirmations – nothing came. The web page builder service was a joke. All promises failed to materialize and the web page they made was junk. multiple appointments where canceled and never made up….thank goodnes I used my credit card for all charges – I called my bank and they took back every dime of the charges…. with over 1500.00 in charges taken back you might think someone would call me to ask what was up…nope not a peep. I hae used Network Solutions for over 5 years with great success and this web.com is nothing ore than a scam and an abuse of customers. .

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