The products and services this company offers are a SCAM ! Their website,, is full of LIES ! They do not produce turnkey websites, and their idea of specialized design concepts if pure trash! They did two websites for me that clearly shows the kind of results they produce. and These websites are pure garbage. Everyone who works at this company should be ashamed of what they do, and the actual harm they cause to their clients, both financially and to website/business image. They charge exorbitant fees for results that are shameful. They have no idea what really good website design is, what social nedia integration is, and what is really professional web consulting. They only know about making promises that sound great (verbally on the phone and in writing in emails), taking your (my ) hard-earned money, and producing websites that even I, as a novice, sees as pure trash. I signed two contracts, one on April 1, 2013, and the second one Oct. 25, 2013. After they completed work on the two websites initially, I did not hear from them for 5 months. The websites were sorry then, and only attracted a lot of spam. Then I get a call out of the blue…they wanted me to pay (again) to re-work the sites to make them better, with the goal of attracting paid advertising via Google Adsense, then putting them up for auction online. They took my money, total of $4295, and you can see for yourself what they produced. These websites, or rather just the domain names, have an auction value of $128 total. The websites themselves have no value. I have sent a complaint to the company, the AZ Atty Gen. office of Consumer Affairs, the AZ BBB, and now I will post on every website that deals with SCAMS such as this one. I am disabled senior citizen in Montana. I WANT MY MONEY BACK, ALL OF IT. $4295.00 .

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