not returning my money


My Complaint: Saw an add on facebook about amazing cleanse it was a trial for 4.95 i thought wow ! 4.95 to try these pills , never saw no fine print stating you had 14 day to cancel or else they will charge you $87.95 every month till you cancel. Funny thing is this pending payment in our bank account put us in the negative , we called they said i had 14 day to cancel , i ordered the pills on the 4th of March didn’t get the pills till today!, today being March the 19th! they said the trial started the day i now we have to pay to return the pills, wait for them to get there then wait 7-9 days before them giving us our money back, thats even if they do!


My Demand: i want the company to stand up and take care of there so called customers they care for and wouldnt be in business if it wasnt for us.