Complaint: We were behind on our mortgage due to almost 25 years at my company and was replaced. I called them every week and sent in payments as much as we could do they did inform us that they would be forclosing I called them telling them that we would have to get into our 401k and the balance would be paid off within a week, but no they sent back our checks and foreclosed on us so we had to take out over 10K to get reinstated which I did within a week. They cheated and lied to us they did not have to foreclose since they agreed to wait 1 more week and we had thousands of checks returned. Part of the 10K was of course for their attorney fees which I tried via BBB to get back but was unsucessful. We are trapped and can not get away from them. Save the Dream has helped us but I am again unemployed and need Obama to pass the extension bill. How much more can the American people put up with the horrible abuse we are going through with these huge mortgage companies. Yes the government bailed them out to avoid a massive depression, but instead of helping the people they gave themselves huge multi million dollar bonuses. The goverment passed new laws to help us, but only for those who are current with their mortgage so how does that help the millions of people who have lost their jobs and were not current absolutely nothing can not apply for any help because we do not qualify. Why would the government only help people who are current with their mortgages that is a mass percentage of American’s. Most of us are very hard workers and have worked all of our lives but now we are in a recession and we will be going into a depression then what can’t get blood out of a turnip. Most of the homes are under water who’s fault is that let’s think of yeah current president and congress. People now and have been having to make very hard decisions eat or pay your mortgage but the CEO’s are living up very nicely with the governments money that was suppose to go to us but they put that money in their pockets. What has happened to this country?

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