Complaint: Ordered medicine I’ve been ordering from American Pharmacy Solutions for five years. It has always been the same price — $70. The salesperson made no comment about the price; said it was to be filled by an associated company, which had fulfilled my previous order for $70. This time, when the package arrived, the invoice and credit card charge was $200 — nearly triple the previous charge. When I called to complain, the staff at American Pharmacy said they would do nothing about it, because they had transferred it to Wells Pharmacy, which I confirmed is under the same ownership. Wells Pharmacy at first said, the price had increased and this was the price. Only when I threatened to stop credit card payment did they reconsider. They still charged $110, 50% more than before. The people were all unconcerned and unresponsive; so I assume they are used to these kinds of calls and have been instructed to stonewall. Do not do business with either Wells Pharmacy or American Pharmacy Solutions!

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Address: 11120 S. Crown Way, Wellington, Fl Wellington, Pensacola, Florida United States of America


Phone: 855 935-5779