Complaint: Wells Wakefield was hired to handle our immigration case which turned out to be a painful and tragic mistake. Worse off we chose this firm on a referral! This irresponsible, lazy, lackadaisical, dishonest attorney failed to file our immigration papers and lied to us for over 7 months, saying that we should be hearing from USCIS any day now. After not hearing anything several weeks after we were scheduled to receive notice from USCIS schedule we called direct and were advised this attorney never filed the documents. When we confronted him with this, he simply said “I’m Sorry””

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Address: and had no excuse or rationale for his blatant lies. He caused my wife and I 7 months of wasted wait and anguish


Phone: as we had to start the entire process over. This lawyer and law firm should be put out of business. There are many other legitimate and honorable immigration lawyers to choose from and I strongly suggest anyone looking for immigration legal service stay far away from Wells Wakefield and choose another firm. They advetise Business law as well? I could not imagine putting my business legal matters in these peoples hands. What a nightmare!”