Complaint: These so called lawyers (not sure about the authenticity of that yet) are trying to take me to court for a Capital One credit card that was “written off”” by capital one in 2009. Now I know that these sleazy companies buy old debt and try to get money from the people who owed it(past tense) but they are representing themselves on court papers as “”representatives of Capital One”” and Capital one is actually on the papers as the plaintiff. But capital one does not own this debt any more and have no connections to this so called law firm. They also checked my credit report with no authorization. I went to a hearing which I wasn’t allowed to say anything

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Address: and they set a tenitive court date for a few months from now. In the mean time I am complaining and sending reports to all the boards such as this one and the bbb

Website: or are not aware

Phone: fcc