This woman was a customer of my boyfriend’s when he worked at rent-a-center at the time. He and I have been together for almost 6 years and had 2 girls together. They start talking and one thing apparently led to another. (Mind you this trash he left me for is 20 years OLDER than him) I was 8.5 months pregnant when he kicked me and our 2yr old out of our apartment. I was in the hospital for 4 days and he did not once came to see me and made his twin sister, who was also pregnant as far along as I was with a 1 year old son, take care of our daughter to be with this skank. || I found a picture of them together in his phone holding hands and he tells me it’s our “wedding planner” and wanted to surprise me. So now I’m living with my parents and two kids trying to get my life back after 6 wasted years on this idiot. We are battling over custody issues on our two kids he could care less about, just so he won’t look like a dead beat piece of shit.  He told me to have an abortion with our second child that is only a month old, not to mention he didn’t even show up at the hospital when she was born or sign the birth certificate. He blamed all of this on me when knowing it wasn’t my fault; I tried to work it out. He was just too afraid of the added on responsibility so he grew a vagina and left. || Not my problem anymore because he’s already getting the pay back he deserves and before he kicked us out I told his sorry, no good, pathetic, sperm donor ass, that he was going to get what was coming to him. Now he wants us to work it out and be civil for our kids because he misses them and he realizes his mistakes and wants to be there for them. I told him that I didn’t lie. Karma was right there at his doorstep knocking. Serves him right. I was good to him and he left it all for a nasty trashy hoe that was graduating high school the year he was born.