Complaint: This is a pretty familiar fast food joint, that most people have eaten at. At what price though? For me it was $140 after the cost of over priced, not so quick, disgusting food. My husband and I went there with the hopes of hurrying home after. We spent an extra 15 minutes explaining our order because “No Mayo”” translates to “”Only/Extra Mayo”” when ordering. After that the cashier filled my drink and gave it to someone else who hadn’t even ordered yet. Keep in mind I was waiting in the exact same place when I ordered. Following a brisk meal I go out to find my car is missing. It had been towed because I was accused of leaving it and going to class at 11pm. I had my receipt of course

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Address: but it was no match for the fact that my car was stolen. I was left with the flu in a pouring lightening storm. When the police were called they explained that I would have to fund my own private lawsuit against Wendys to retrieve my car

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Phone: without paying the illegal towing fee. They admitted to the illegal towing of my car but determined it was out of their hands. The towing company (Auto Citi Towing) of course is closed at 11pm