Complaint: WesleyBerry is a Bait and Switch company, and i found them online trying to find a local flower shope to send out flowers to my grandparents. when i called them they said they delivery everywhere in the US and would give my 40 dollars off my purchase and so i made 5 orders some flowers and balloons. then they said it was going to add up too 335.00 with taxes and fees and i said no way and they adjusted the price because it was wrong then they said i had a rebate 50 dollars off next purchase so i got on there website and paid using my card and then instead of getting a discount of 50.00 dollars they added 50.00 dollars to my transaction. I then called them and for 2 d**n days i was on the phone with at least 20 or more reps who just transferred me and made me leave voicemails and write messages and e-mails. You name it i did it, and finally my aunt got a delievery that i was over charged for and it was a different set of flowers that i paid for and i have the pictures one had a dozen roses she got only 6 roses and not the same colors. They took my money and said they would not refund my money. Then on my 5 orders they did not deliever any product they charged me for extra to get it the next day and thier excuse was that they had atotal different order than the one i ordered and they would not fix the orders to make them correct or reund my money and if you cancel your order they will charge you a 30% fee so read the fine print. This company is crooks and the over charge you take your orders and change them and don’t deliver when you pay for that day of service it is a total scam. I filed for fraud charges and doing everything i can too expose them i even have the receipt they sent me that are not my orders at all to my e-mail just Awful experience use Pay Pal, i just didn’t know;{ Kat , layton, UT

Tags: Internet Fraud

Address: Nationwide USA


Phone: 18009375397/ 18888512881