I bought 3 appliances. Anwasher, a dryer & a refridgerater. The fridge is fine & I am nhappy with it. The washer doesn’t work & has never completed a full nwash cycle. I started calling them a few days after the purchase…with nno resolution. In a nutshell…just kept getting put on hold and then nback to the salesperson and then back on hold.They kept telling me that nthe owner was on the phone, or busy or not there. I asked for the washern& dryer to be picked up and to have my debit card credited the n$1099 which is what the set cost. I told them that I was NOT asking for nthe additional $100 on top of that for the special side venting & nthe tube/hose kit…just the $1099. I also explained to them that NO I ndid NOT send in the paperwork for the tax credit etc that comes with thenmodel, which they initially accused me of having already done. All of nthat is at home with the original paperwork. Now today, which is 18 daysnafter the purchase they say they will only credit me $979. $120 LESS nthan I paid for the set. $60 they claim for having to get it, and the nother $60 I don’t recall what their excuse it. What about the fact that Inbought this new set ( which was delivered mismatched by the way & nthey never addressed that)nin good faith & from a local company…where is the integrity in business? How can they treat people like this? n(Less)

6439 Crater Lake Avenue Central Point, Oregon United States of America

541 826 7644