My wife and I were approached with a free stay in Branson in exchange for going to a siminar for about an hour. First mistake? Going. When we arrived at the siminar, more like a slaughter, they gave us a saleslady that was very good at her lying, hindsite. She tried selling us a timeshare for around 20,000, when we said no way, we are not spending that kind of monies, she misteriously came up with a timeshare she said had just come in because the people that had it decided due to health reasons, they did not want it anymore. By the way, now that we dont want ours, they say they do not resell anyones timeshare. How did that one come up? Another lie. nShe then proceded to tell us that even though we have week 7, thats not a problem, we could use it at any time, any where in the United States as long as there is an available room when we want it and there is “ALWAYS”” somewhere to go. She stated that we could also trade our week in on a cruise for a small fee of 59 dollars. She then said

lets go see your deeded property

this is the one you own and will stay in if you come and use your week in Branson Woods. nWe went to the unit and she explained that we made a smart investment because we got such a deal we could sell it back to them for a profit. She them continued to tell us that they are putting in a indoor pool and many other things right accross the street from our unit. When that is done she explained

your unit will go up in price tremendously. nLater when we tried to us our week

we were told you cant without paying extra monies. We then asked to speak to a manager