If you plan on vacationing in Branson, MO, stay away from Westagate Resorts! I called about a “good deal”” I saw on the internet for three days and four nights. Westgate Resorts answered the phone and said that I could have the deal if I’d sit through a 90 minute presentation. nWe went to a timeshare presentation last year in Dallas and know that it’s not for us. The lady on the phone said to tell them up front at the presentation that you are only there because you have to be and that you know you are not interested and they will let you go after the 90 minutes

no pressure

no commitments. nShe also stated that we could stay at the resort instead of the property I had called about for the same price

“”the resort should be nicer”” was my thought

so I took her up on it. nWhen we arrived in Branson