We purchased a time share from Westgate Resorts over a decade ago and we were promised lots of benefits that they never fulfilled. We want out! We had purchased a property from Westgate Resorts in Orlando over a decade ago. In 2005 we switched from their Orlando property to River Ranch after being sold that we would be getting lots of additional benefits from switching properties. We were told many lies that we would be getting a horse assigned to us when we stayed at the resort (as part of ownership), we would be getting free tickets to the rodeo (as part of ownership), that there was going to be a water park and other amenities added that would be included as a benefit of being an owner. We were also sold on a flex time rather then fixed week as we were told this would give us flexibility for vacationing rather then being stuck with the same week ever year. We were told that they were going to add plenty of cabins so that getting into the resort as part of the flex week would never be an issue once the additional cabins were completed. It never happened! We have owned our time share at this property for years and have only been able to use our week once. Ever time we call and try to make reservations for vacation we are given a very small window of time (meaning that we can’t book too far in advance, but when we do call inside the window of opportunity there isn’t ever a unit available to reserve). We have been playing this game with them for years and have finally had enough. We contacted them and offered to surrender our property (we still get hit with a $600.00 maintenance fee each and every year even though we can’t ever use our property) so we just wanted to get rid of it. When we finally (after waiting @ two weeks) received a call from a Westgate Representative we were informed that it would cost $1500.00 to $2000.00 in fees to surrender our timeshare. Mind you this company has already received well over $10,000.00 (I don’t remember the actual cost, but would be happy to dig through my records if needed) for one weeks worth of vacation that we actually have been able to use, now they want additional monies just to get rid of it. I’m so beyond frustrated and feel completely taken advantage of by this organization. We have asked on numerous occasions to speak with someone in authority at Westgate, but we are always told that no one above the person we speak to at customer service is available to help. I don’t know what to do at this point, but I wish to educate the public so that hopefully we can help prevent anyone else from making this horrible decision.

River Ranch, Florida USA

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