Complaint: I bought a 2001 Ford F150 in May, 2004 from Westport Auto Center. I also purchased a warranty from AUL Administrators for 36,000.00 mile/3 year coverage for $1,645.00 because the truck had 90,000.00. On August 25, 2004 ball bearings where shot and the clutch went out. The Ford dealership made the claim and AUL refused to pay for it. They would not even drive down to the shop to look at the ball bearings which are covered in my service contract all because the Technician used the word “worn””. They didn’t even verify it in person!! I called AUL asked why

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Address: and they told me they would only cover the part if it was defective. Isn’t that fradulent to cover a truck with 90

Website: 031.00 credit card balance and got ripped on the warranty that cost $1

Phone: 000.00 miles when every part on it can be classified as wear and tear? I then called Westport Auto Center to cancel my warranty and get the pro-rata refund that is due me if the contract is cancelled. Every time I called for Pat Moore (314) 429-5200