Complaint: Mark Miller is a THIEF by any name you want to call him. This Thief who is a CONTRACTOR in SARASOTA, Florida stole $44,250.00 from his sub-contractor named PRECISION ELEVATOR SERVICES and John Scranton its owner. This THIEF had PRECISION ELEVATOR do 4 installations in LUXURY HOMES in the SARASOTA AREA, AND PUT THE $44,250.00 BACK IN HIS OWN POXCKET AFTER GETTING paid BY THE clients. tHAT IS gall TO SAY THE least !! nOW THIS thief – this liar – this crook WANTS US TO r e m o v e THE NEGATIVE WRITE UP. Is that BALLS or What ?? He hasn’t paid PRECISION ELEVATOR since 2008 and THIS THIEF – THIS LIAR told my client ” I am not paying anything until you remove thje data off the RIPOFF.COM WEBSITE… My nanswer is : WHEN PIGS FLY YOU DIRT BAG. YOU CAN TAKE THIS TO THE BANK: I AM GOING TO EXPOSE YOU TO THE SARASOTA AREA AS THE THIEF YOU ARE. I AM GOING TO PUT YOU IN THE TRADE MAgizines as the THIEF you are. I asm going to DESTROY YOU

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