Complaint: I ordered arospeed 17 inch hyperblack wheels with tires from Robert Martel, the owner of Wheel Outlet. I contacted him over the phone and I sent in a money order. A week later he called me back and said that one of the wheels were damaged and therefore he had to order a new wheel and then send out the entire package together. Robert said that the package would be sent out within a week, but after many conversations with him and his company, the package was supposedly sent out a month later. Robert told me that he would have a tracking number from Fedex for me later that day. After a week of calls, I finally reached Robert and retrieved the tracking number. It was very difficult to reach Robert because I was put on hold for almost a half an hour everytime, I had to deal with rude customer service representatives and it seemed as if Robert was never available. The tracking number that Robert gave me was an invalid tracking number but he claimed that the package was just not put into the Fedex system yet. After another month of run-around, he claimed that he had talked to Fedex and that they lost the entire package after it was last tracked in Indiana! (Which is nowhere close to either Miami or Connecticut) Robert claimed that Fedex was reimbursing him for that lost wheels and tires and that he was sending out a new set of wheels. He gave me another tracking number about two weeks later which was also invalid. After getting the run-around for another two weeks, I reached the previous owner of Wheel Outlet. Louis, the previous owner, said that Robert had breached a contract for taking over the business and therefore Louis was taking back over the business and Robert and his employees were being fired. He said that Robert owed him lots of money and therefore I would not be able to recieve my order until Robert payed his debt. Louis also promised me that he would make sure I recieved my order even if it had to come out of his own pocket. Then, he told me a week later that Robert’s location was unknown and therefore there was nothing he could do until they found Robert. He said that he had lawyers working on his behalf and he would update me with any new information. I haven’t heard any updates and everytime I call I am told that they are still looking for Robert. Christopher East Hartford, ConnecticutU.S.A.

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Address: 14227 South Dixie Highway Miami, Florida U.S.A.


Phone: 305-234-0755