I wanted to warn everyone if this website so that as consumers you do not get scammed by companies that are not credible. THE BEST AND MOST CREDIBLE REVIEW SITE IS WWW.TRANSPORTREVIEWS.COM. I got a email from John at www.whichtransporter.com informing me of his new review site for auto transporters so i thought i would give it a try. Once i had a issue with loging in i contacted the website so that they can assist me to login. Their responce was “YOUR NOT A SITE SUPPORTER THEREFORE YOU DO NOT GET ANY HELP”. In other words pay us and we will help you???. Also all of our companies reviews where removed and John at www.whichtransporter.com claimed they had a BUG in the system and he told me to write FAKE REVIEWS in return for my REAL REVIEWS getting removed. I wanted to warn everyone that from just this statement i can assure you that all the companies that are paying (JOHN”) from www.whichtransporter.com are ELIGIBLE To write fake reviews and misguide companies!. On top of that 6 months later after not paying john to support his site he automatically just deleted my company from his website and ignored any correspondences from us. THIS INDIVIDUAL DOES NOT CARE ABOUT CONSUMER REVIEWS!!!I WARN YOU HE CLEARLY ONLY CARES ABOUT THE COMPANIES THAT PAY HIM MONEY! IN EXCHANGE HE WILL LET YOU WRITE FAKE REVIEWS! DONT BELIEVE ME? I HAVE THE EMAILS TO PROVE IT!!!! FEEL FREE TO CONTACT ME!! DO NOT BE MISGUIDED FROM THIS SITE THAT IS NOT CREDIBLE!! IF A COMPANY GIVES YOU THIS SITE INSTEAD OF TRANSPORTREVIEWS.COM WHAT DOES THAT TELL YOU??? THAT TRANSPORTREVIEWS IS TAKING DOWN ALL FAKE REVIEWS BECAUSE THEY DO DOESNT MATTER IF YOU PAY THEM!!WHICHTRANSPORTER.COM IN THE OTHER HAND WILL LET YOU POST ALL FAKE REVIEWS!!! FOR A MONTHLY PAY!! BEWARE!!! DO YOUR RESEARCH ON TOP REVIEW SITES FOR TRANSPORTERS. WWW.WHICHTRANSPORTER.COM WILL NOT BE THEIR!

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