Complaint: “Whipp’d LA”” (formerly House of Dolewhip) is a soft-serve/ice cream parlor that is in reality a criminal front & scam. The owner Devan Gaudry & his accomplice Jared Blair financially exploit virtually everyone they do business with

Tags: Ice Cream Shops

Address: including teenage girls & elderly women. They regularly refuse to pay (under the table) wages owed their employees. They have also refused to pay repair people for their work & refused to pay the previous owner for their storefront & equipment

Website: 7901 Santa Monica Blvd. West Hollywood, California United States of America

Phone: essentially defrauding the entire business from its inception. Any attempt to recover owed money results in Devan threatening to file for personal bankruptcy in which case he will only pay a fraction of his debts due to his high number of creditors. They regularly write bad checks as a form of payment. Jared falsely claims to be a successful professional singer who has “”fans”” & singing based income in order to gain victims confidence & belief that he & Devan (his lover) are financially stable. Despite neglecting to pay their debts they brag to those who they owe money about being able to regularly take gambling trips to Las Vegas to gamble away thousands of dollars