I purchased a Whirlpool water heater from Lowe’s in November 2005. I should’ve known it was going to be trouble when it took hours to get the pilot light to light. It would catch but wouldn’t remain lit. nIn October 2007, I had the same issue again; however, this time I was unsuccessful in getting the pilot light to stay lit. As I purchased an extended warranty through Lowe’s I called them first. Guess what?!?! I had to call the manufacturer for service, it you can call it that. Customer Service said there were problems with the thermocouple installed in the unit, and they would send me another one, but I had to pay postage. They also said that “just about anyone could install the replacement””. nI paid extra for overnight shipping and the part arrived 3 days later. Tried to get a refund

no dice. When the part arrived

it looked like something from the space shuttle

but not to worry. For the price of a service call

they would send someone out to install it. Three weeks