Complaint: This place is a puppy mill whose fancy website makes it look like a high class breeding facility. Beware of the well written descriptions of the dogs and their personalities, and the ambience on the property. The website is very professional and eye catching, but very deceiving. The dogs look nothing like they do in pictures and their fancy European origins seem very questionable. The yard is overrun by puppies and dogs of all ages. Flimsy wooden shacks house the animals at times, but many are free to roam the yard (fenced poorly from a busy road). In the house up to 10 adult dogs inhabit one family room Litters are being born continously and housed in the same family room in the house. The breeders seldom use veterinarians, choosing to give all injections except rabies themselves. Our experience involved a puppy we bought from her at the astronomical price of $2000 who didn’t yet have papers because she told us the puppy’s mother got impregnated by 2 of her stud dogs(really?) and she had sent out DNA to be examined so she could “determine”” the dog’s father. Pure hogwash! It has been 18 months and she has never sent any DNA

Tags: Dog Breeders

Address: never sent papers

Website: either. She has never sent registration papers and never can because she never registered the puppies with the AKC

Phone: lied and refused to answer phone calls and emails. After complaining to the AKC about her and sending proof of my payment to her