I agreed to a sample from Whitening Coach at Home. I called them on the 8th day (as required) and cancelled. They insist they could only give me 35% of my money back, because I did not call within 8 days. My Mother just past last night, so I am in mourning. I felt as if I could do nothing, so I tried to contact BBB and found via Internet, the computer would not accept my claim. I then noticed on my Bank Statement, that I did cancel on the 8th day! After speaking to another representative, I was told they could give me 60% back. I tried to explain, I could not afford $94.31, I had not received any paper work showing that amount, I believe I should get a full refund, because I did call on the 8th day! They insist the charge incurred at 2:00 am in the morning and that I called after that. Yet it was on the 8th day I called. Their policy and restrictions could not extend a full refund. I still believe, legally, I should get a full refund. I am in Mourning and do not want to argue about corruption and poverty, I live under the poverty level and they cannot understand that. Therefore, I believe these kind of Businesses should be recognized for what they are…..Scams.