Complaint: This company who at first I thought was a dating site or something drafted my account monthly for 19.95. Assuming it was something I signed up for I disregarded it on my statement because often when I purchase something it clears my bank using a different name especially online purchases. But then they charged me again the following month, not once but twice. When I phoned customer service they informed me that i pay for a membership but refused to give me my login information and failed to answer me regarding the secondary charges. Needless to say they were pretty evasive. Tney told me it would be linked to an email. Not my email… not the one I use anyway. One I no longer use cuz Ive been locked out because someone hijacked my email, changed my info and gained access to all of my accounts associated witb or linked to that email. As I began explaining this she interrupted and informed me that by signing up for a membership I agreed to their terms of service. So I went to their website to read this agreement and theyve got this thing nailed. It starts off saying they will not refund any money for any reason. They will not be liable for anything and if youre not satisfied before filing a complaint you agree to contact their legal dept and arbitrate. Bullsh*! This agreement is binding under the laws in Wyoming. I dont know how binding it is in Arizona. But Ive never heard of this company and its not what I guessed by their name. Its a people search site. Wouldve never guessed. Many calls, emails and a year later theyve finally stopped charging my account after they had previously told me they cancelled it and wouldnt be charged anymore on several occasions. They lie! I finally had to close my account to stop them. Ba*rds! I cant afford to lose money like this.

Tags: Online Business

Address: Internet USA