Found their website accidentally and checked into it, found a good price on a RC Car, so I ordered 1 to see how things went. The 1st thing that went wrong was they did not have the specific color ordered. Received a phone call so late in the day I was unable to call back the same day with an answer. 1st call I made I got an answering machine with a terrible & unprofessional message. Called the next day and & had some one answer like you would at home, with a simple hello (Unprofessional still) Said ok to a different color choice and order would be shipped. The day after that I received the invoice w/$33 shipping charge and I payed $99 for my original purchase. Called to cancel since this was just a plain rip off, but got the run around and was told no it already was shipped. Never again. Should of stuck with my gut feeling that this was a poorly run Mom & Pop joint that just don’t care. P.S. I checked the website for shipping details & it states “Charges are based on posted UPS and Fedex website posted rates. Based on size and weight from Zip Code 14845 and not less than $9.95 unless otherwise stated on the website”” Checked website my self & shipping was not the same as they charged.”

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