Complaint: I bought a refrigerator at Sears in Fort Payne, Alabama I applied for why not lease it, supposedly no credit check, and was denied, so my husband applied and got accepted Everything was explained in detail, the cost the financing charges, the amount of payment…10 and the fact that after 10 payments of 83 and some change every 2 weeks the refrigerator would be ours. December 10th came, the date of our 10th payment, and we were so happy our fridge was paid off. Then Christmas eve came, and they charged me again, I called them immediately and explained their mistake to,them, and they told me no, this was a permanent lease, and the payments would continue until I gave the fridge back or paid the large buyout, almost as much as the original purchase price. I told them to just come and get it, because I had already paid so much and wasn’t going to give them another over 600 dollars, and not to take another cent from my account, two weeks later, another charge to my account, and another phone call, to shorten the story, I blocked them from getting their hands on my account any more, and now they’re saying they can’t come get it, and I have to ship a side by side refrigerator to them, I have already spent way more than I would have to just buy it, but now they want me to ship it to another state? I have been lied to over and over by wnli, and sears, they we rude at sears, and basically told me it was no longer their problem when I called them, and wnli, calls several times per week, but won’t bend even tho they trained the sears employees to lie to people about their program

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