Complaint: My assistant spent hours looking for a reputable Wikipedia management service. During that search, we both came across a number of similar-looking websites but thought nothing of it. One night when I couldn’t sleep, I decided to read up on Wiki Professionals Inc’s website and got a message at 4am. Now either these guys are really efficient, or they simply use a chatbot to sell a high-end service. Based on my findings, I’d suggest it was the latter. I then pulled all the websites up side by side and couldn’t believe what I was seeing. There are at least FOUR websites, all ranking for different search terms that look exactly the same or have very similar website functionality. To add to this, each website is registered at different addresses in Dallas and also ZoomInfo claims they have a turnover of over $5 million, yet are registered to shared working space (324 North St. Paul Street, Suite 3100, Dallas, TX 75201) and have one employee on LinkedIn. Their LinkedIn profile also suggests they have 200-500 employees and the link to their website (from LinkedIn) is coming up with a warning page of “Malicious Website Suspected.”” Very suspicious activity. Since I left a similar review on Trip Advisor

Tags: Fake Scam Reviews, Internet Marketing Companies

Address: they or their lawyers are actively removing reviews to hide what they are really like to the customer. Under no circumstances should you deal with this company. Working from a shared office space is fine

Website: 324 North St. Paul Street Suite 3100 Texas, Dallas United States

Phone: but when you claim your turnover is $5 million and have one employee