Unwilling to refund my money after I returned the item UNOPENED.


My Complaint: I ordered an item for our son’s wedding. When it was not delivered in time for the wedding (3+ weeks which they had promised) I canceled the order. Later they sent it anyway, and I returned it, unopened, as told to do. I never received the credit on my credit card after numerous requests. I was told they were looking into it. It finally went on so long that I contacted my credit card company to file a complaint, but due to the time from my purchase and charge, and my filing, they denied my claim. The only reason for my late claim to my credit card was because I believed The Wild Cowboy representative that they were going to get the issue resolved and return my money. I not only did not have the item for our son’s wedding, but I am out the $147.50. I work too hard for my money to accept this happening by this unscrupulous company.


My Demand: I wish I could get my stolen money back.