Complaint: Received a bil in February 2018l for an assessment fee due in April 2018. I paid the fee on 1 March 2018. We were notified on 12 April 2018 thru our HOA newsletter that a new management group would be taking over sometime in Apripl 2018. On 20 April 2018 I received a bill from the new Property Mangement Group (Wildwood) stating that my assessment had not been paid and was due no later than 15 May 2018. When I contacted them at their office I explained to them that I had made the payment to the old Management Group (Associa) on 1 March 2018. I was told by the representative that payments made on or after 1 March 2018 were not creditable to my account (?????). When I asked what if I can provide proof, the representative said that I would still not receive credit for the payment. Point #1 – No one at anytime provided notice to the residents of my HOA that a transfer of the property management (Associa – Wildwood) was going to occur prior to 20 April 2018. Point#2 – No notice was sent to the residents of my HOA that assessment fees paid on or after 1 March 2018 should be made to the new property management group (Wildwood). Point #3 – Residents of my HOA did not even recieve notification of who the new prpoperty management group was until 12 April 2018. Point #4 – No effort was made to inform residents of my HOA that any payment made to Associa would not be creditable to their Wildwood account. Woldwood Management Representatives are unhelpful and only interested in gleaning the assessment fee ($175. + $14.95 processing fee $189) from Meadow Brook residents. Do not look to them for any assistance. So for this year I have paid $378 in annual assessment fees.

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