Complaint: I do not even know where to begin because I am so overwhelmed, since this firm scammed my savings of 18000 dollars!! They will reach out to you and promise you to land a TV commercial test that will last for 7 days and if it succeeds – they will purchase large quantities from you . NOW here is a catch. They will ask your money upfront, run their designs etc by using, low quality commercial that would cost them 800 dollars or less, they will buy air time from local channels and pretend it is CABLE channels for a thousand dollars or less, and timing of your lame TV commercial will be running between 12 am midnight to 3 am grave yard zombies will be watching your commercial, yes you read right!, some days they might run during weekdays using cartoon channels yes cartoon channels such s family channels once or twice per day, channels that no one watches, oh did I mention only one or two products per person can be purchased, they will make some money off your shipment and they will land a website one page site that can be built under 100 dollars! Remember you need to get 1000 units sold within 5 to 7 days by using above timing and channels I mentioned and one product per person. When I asked questions such as why one product per person, so they will make sure it will not sell so they can take your money and run away! These a*s***** will be dishonest from the beginning because they only succeeded with 6 products for last 25 years!! Go figure this one out. SAVE YOUR MONEY. They are subcontract company under As seen on TV products! Do not fall under their sweet talk spell and promise the moon statements. I had my lost and many others bussinesses as well. Read online reviews people. I do not even understand how come this company still stands after such as huge deception and scammed they play with hard working people!! Well because they will have you sign every single thing they do, so you will not have anything to fight with and if you will not sign, then they will play this with you “oh well if you can not sign it then we will not do this””. Snakes. d**n ALL OF YOU! P.S. I guarantee once this department reads this and they will comment such as we did our job and so forth

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Address: it is non sense blah blah like they have been doing with other revieweres. Be cautious and be alert! I want my full refund or at least 12000 dollars!”


Phone: 8712 W 151 St Overland Park, Kansas United States