William Erler William Erler My Dream Car From Car Max Was A Ordeal Buena Park California!!. Hello: when I was 13 I begin stripping corvettes of undercoating’s so could earn money and purchase donuts and other things my family was very poor. I am also a first gulf veteran and have a severe case of emphysema that is causing me to slowing die. My dream for the last forty years was to launch a business, meet the love of my life and purchase a Corvette. My prayers haven been answered. Well, two out of three ain’t bad. The third Debra well that’s a Carmax Nightmare. Should have occurred but Carmax stood in the way of this dying guy’s last wishes. It also started in early December when I contacted the Buena Park Carmax. You see there is a tradition of naming your car and this Corvette is Debra. The problem Debra has problems that Buena Park never told me about. I think Carmax Buena Park knew about this seal problem where the oil leaks only at high s

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William Erler