Complaint: In 1988, when William Patrick Taylor was headmaster at St Paul’s Episcopal School in Mobile, Alabama, he deliberately failed to report child abuse because he sympathized with the abuser and not the child being abused.In fact, a school employee named Aurelia Jones witness the child being abused in front of the school by the mother ***** Benjamin and William Patrick Taylor did not report this incident to the police. This incident occured in May 1988 and he never made any attempt to contact the authorities. In fact, after the incident, he was very belligerent and nasty to the crying child, because after he quizzed the mother about the abuse, she complained that the child was ‘difficult’.William Patrick Taylor ignored these symptoms from the abused child for two years while she was a student at St Paul’s Episcoal School.Shows sudden changes in behavior or school performanceHas not received help for physical or medical problems brought to the parents’ attentionHas learning problems (or difficulty concentrating) that cannot be attributed to specific physical or psychological causesIs always watchful, as though preparing for something bad to happenLacks adult supervisionIs overly compliant, passive, or withdrawnComes to school or other activities early, stays late, and does not want to go homeThe student was neglected. She was dropped off at school around 6:45 am and then picked up around 5:30 or later. She was only given 2 dollars a day for food which only covered lunch and not snacks – plus she was not fed a proper breakfast or dinner. William Pat Taylor knew this.Taylor never sent the student to the school psychologist or even made an attempt to force the mother to take the child to the doctor for her recurring headaches which interfered. The recurring headaches were caused by a calcified lesion in the child’s meninges. This problem was not found until adulthood, because the mother never took the child to a neurologist. The child was never more than a kept pet to the mother. The mother is a sociopath who lied and manipulated every situation to keep custody of the child. The child also had a choroid plexus tumor which was never found until adulthood as well. What was wrong with the child? Mental illness brought on by abuse.The student was harassed relentlessly by the other students and Taylor and his staff did nothing to stop it. Why? Because the sociopath mother, in her haste to blame her child for everything, told the administration a bunch of mistruths about how the student hated the other students, etc. Taylor had his staff tell the students to ‘go talk to her’ which startled the student (who was mentally ill and withdrawn). This then became bullying and teasing on the part of the student body. How nice to harass a sick person.As a result, the student suffered from mental illness for the rest of her life, because her mother never took her to a doctor not even after suicide attempts.

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