My fiance’ and I found the Mobile home for rent for Six-hundred Fifty ($650.00) dollars and zero cents on Craigslist. We both spoke to Joy at another Mobile home. We were living in New York and moved to Tampa. We did verify with Joy that the amount of the rent was exactly what was stated on Craigslist. Joy stated yes that is correct. We finally got down to Tampa, Florida and Joy sent us to see Nikki at Willow Creek Mobile Home park. Nikki showed us a mobile home that we looked at and loved it. The power was one. She knew that we just moved down here. We were so excited to move. When my fiance and I asked about the one we looked at, Nikki stated that one was taken and there is another one that she has available. It is right next to the office. We did see that one. We also have our Two and a half year old daughter. I kept her occupied while my fiance’ went in to sign the lease. While Nikki showed us the mobile home, She stated that she sprays once a month. The last page of the lease states, “We are responsible for the pest control.”” One of the biggest issues is that the ads that we saw on Craigslist

Majorly FALSE ADVERTISEMENTS From Nikki Serpo and Paul Chad Comingore! The next thing we know

IT IS NOT A MONTHLY RENT! We were quoted Two-hundred Twenty ($220.95) dollars and Ninety-five cents a week. Wrong! It is now Two-hundred Twenty-five ($225.95) dollars and Ninety-five cents a week. How did it go up by Five ($5.00) dollars?! Nikki Serpo and her upper management knew we just moved here. Neither one of us had a job yet. Nikki stated “”We know and we do not have any issues with that.”” It was also stated my Nikki that there is laundry facilities on sight however Paul Chad Comingore is too cheap to fix it! So Harrison signs the lease while I am keeping our daughter occuppied. Nikki Serpo stated to my Fiance’

Harrison Barnhart that she needs the money up front BEFORE he signs it! We spent our last Five-hundred ($500.00) dollars for that mobile home. Red Flag went up with both of us. He even asked her about what the ad we saw on Craigslist stating that it was this amount a month. We are to actually pay Six-hundred Fifty ($650.00) dollars a month. As per the ad on Craigslist. Nikki Serpo did not have an anwer! When after he signed the lease

and we got our things moved in