Complaint: In September of 2001 my husband and I purchased a new Kia Sephia with less than 30 miles on it. The first year we had the car, the only real complaint I had was having to change the tires out more quickly than I felt we should have had to do. Starting this year however, the car continually breaks the wheel studs off of the driver’s side of the car. These break off while driving down the road. This morning, 9-15-03, the passenger side broke off a wheel stud and lug. I now refuse to drive this car. It is unsafe. Thursay, 9-11-03, while riding with someone else that was car hunting, I spoke to the same dealership about this car. They claim they stand behind their vehicles even when they make a mistake. And, on the car that I have he said they know they made a mistake and no longer manufactur the car. The car hasn’t been manufactured since 2001, the same year model as my car. Wilson Kia knew the car they were selling me wasn’t any good yet, they sold it anyway. They will not honor their warrenty and all of the repairs on a car, a Sephia, that is barely 2 years old has come out of my pocket. Debra Vicksburg, MississippiU.S.A.

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