Wife got a spam phone call which she answer inviting her to a seminar for people who want to travel and get a good deal. She set up a time and we attended a 90 min. Show and tell. First, we did not buy the program! Second, this report is an opinion and is an first hand observation. The seminar was informative with plenty of caveat emptor (s) if you listen carefully. The program starting price is $10 grand and you can bargain down to $2,999 , plus a $199 per year fee, if you keep asking. Sales pressure is the same as any other selling pitch of this nature. The staff were pleasant and well versed in countering objections. You are buying access to a travel web site that suggests that they have fantastic prices anywhere in the world that awards points after purchasing travel or products thru their system., Points are worth a penny and can be used for other perks. After 3 hrs we walked away with a certificate for travel that was a gift for attending the seminar. To use the gift one must a fee for tax and/ or port fees if required…about $200 per person and the wholesale price of the trip. Our guess the gift will cost you$500 for two on a 7 day cruise out of Florida as an example. Why did we walk? 1. $12grand is a boatload of money to ask someone to find you a good deal like a travel agent. We don’t believe in having to pay fees of this nature for the product they are offering. 2. We feel we can use our own sources to purchase similar products and services without investing $12,000 to begin a vacation and have the chance to do it for the rest of our lives. We have traveled all,over the world and we are well versed in what it cost. The return on investment , for us , is negative for 10 years or more. If you have that much discretionary income …go for it or buy a condo in Europe, etc., buy your airfare and take a train on a pass…you be ahead of the game. Just sayin!

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