Complaint: got email that i was a winner all i had to do was complete a survey so i did. they told me i had won a iphone 6 all i had to do is pay shipping and handling so i did. waited and waited so i got in touch with winbidwin they told me to send email and they would get in touch with me shortly, but they never did. im still waiting and thats been over a month so today i type in nmredbaron1 nc n3d usd . and got fraud alert i dont believe this. i want either my phone or my money some0ne please help’i do not have money to give away i am disable and on a fix income somebody need to do someething this company. lawyers please get in touch with me so i can sue their a****.

Tags: Internet Fraud

Address: Internet USA

Website: http:// redbaronnew1 nc n3d usd

Phone: 3123400781