Complaint: Back in 10/2017, there was a female who came to my house and was knocking around my door and beating on my windows. She was seeing the same guy who I was seeing. She hit him on the head with a bottle when he came to my door and was calling me all types of names and profanity. I called the police on her. It was two police offers from the Winona Police Department in Winona, MS. It was a bald headed, Caucasian police officer who wears glasses & an African American officer. The African American police officer was silent the whole time. However, the Caucasian police officer was very biased towards me and was siding with the person who committed the crime by coming to my house. He kept telling me to shut up and that I talked too much. However, he let her talked the entire time without saying anything to her. Also, he did not do anything to her by doing that; either. All he did was tell her not to come back over here anymore. He looks like a skinhead. I have also heard other stories of things like this happening at Winona Police Department in Winona, MS.

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Address: 608 Summit St, Winona, MS Winona, Mississippi United States


Phone: (662) 283-1140