Deryk Wenaus and others of Retreat Guru were confronted for their role in making trouble for those helping police into their inquiries as well as the disgusting nature of sniggering at people having their legs broken and siding with nasty drug traffickers facing jail, just hours later a facilitator of one of the Ayahuasca centres listed on the Retreat Guru website sent messages through another website claiming that Court witness could be humiliated and mocked as a peodophile for fun and nothing could be done about it.
In separate claims Deryk Wenaus at Retreat Guru was ordered to pay US $50, 000 in legal claims related to malicious defamation and witness tampering as well as to comply with Article 21 GDPR 2018, when he refused to pay and to be GDPR compliant, the coronavirus crisis struck and wiped millions off the value of his business. whilst the Courts banned ayahuasca in one country after another.
Several threats to murder and many instances of nasty witness harass

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