Took the money in advance, didn’t fulfill their commitments and refused to refund


My Complaint: We encouraged us to become their exclusive sales agent in a target territory alongside dozens of licenses for an amount around 10K USD. They were also committed to localizing their service for our market, supporting the local language. It never happened correctly and every time they returned back with their excuses.
Their system was not functioning correctly. The dealy was too much for users to be able to have a simple conversation in class sessions. We spent lots of time with their time to fix this. They claimed that it’s due to our Internet connection. We showed them that this is a false claim.

When they wanted to get the money, they were calling us ten times successively but when they got the money they disappeared and didn’t answer support requests in a timely manner.

Their API was developed in a very poor way and their documentation was very bad.

We suffered a lot working with this company and strongly urge anyone to just stay away. We can share further documents for anyone who is still in doubt.


My Demand: Full Refund