Complaint: While working as a Developmental Aide for the WNYDDSO, on a daily to weekly basis, I dealt with individuals various behavioral and emotional outbursts that required me to be proactive and reactive measures to promote a safe environment. I needed to be a role model by demonstrating positive behavior(s) and proper manners while respecting each individual as a human being with feelings, even though they might have difficulty expressing them. Throughout my employment, I witnessed staff members including supervisors engage in questionable behaviors, actions, and attitudes towards/against the individuals residing at the group home. These behaviors included but are not limited to: name calling, shoving, choking, dragging, kicking, denial of food and drink, med errors, falsification of documentation, and much more. I reported only 13 allegations of abuse (because at the time thats all I could remember) to the WNYDDSO Commission of Quality Assurance and Albany,NY. I also submitted photos of lacerations and abrasions on 2 individuals. While in court for Worker’s Comp., it was mentioned that 6 of the allegations were founded and the others weren’t substantiated because I could not give specific dates and times. It was hard for me to remember the specific dates due to the on-going stress of what I witnessed, the warnings I received form my supervisor “to not tell”” and comments made by my co-workers such as “”we cover each others backs””

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Website: I have not worked since January 2010 and I am receiving various treatments related to the work related stress and abuse I witnessed

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