Complaint: . We worked for the Wolenski’s for 5 months and in that time we had 3 different trucks. We were stranded in all of them in the dead of winter with below 0 temps . We were in several different hotels that we paid for and had to wait for the reimbursement for weeks including the rental cars. We worked straight 8 weeks so we could take off 2 weeks for Easter and on our Easter break we got a call to deliver the truck we had to a man they sent on a bus about an hour away on Easter Sunday. So we left our cook out and family to do so, on the way back to the house we decided to call it quits sense we didn’t have a truck anyway so we called in our notice and was told it would take 30 days to receive our last two weeks pay… 45 days later we received a direct deposit and it was over $1000.00 short. My husband called and was told it was because we didn’t give a notice.

Tags: Employers

Address: Pennsylvania USA