In the 7/23/2011, Wolfe brothers are Bruno R Wolfe and Phillip J Wolfe, came to fix my front door in decay in my house and we have a written bid and agreement with them. They removed and took away the four of long wood strips of the door frames which covered two outside for the front main frames and two inside for the back main frames. They said they needed to order parts which they said would take 3 to 4 days. So I agreed to pay them 100% of the money even though they hadn’t replaced my decay front door per my agreement. I called and emailed both of them many times and left voice mails with no response. In 8/20/2011 Phillip sent me an apology email, he promised to come out that week but never did. After month-to-month they will be gone until now. They never call me back or email to me. I were so patience and nice to them and do not understand why they are still in business and how many more victims like me will be.

P.O. BOX 30045, FERN PARK, FL 32730 FERN PARK, SANFORD, SEMINOLE,, Florida United States of America


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