wolfhuskypups.com Arnold Ball Pet Services, akennelclub.com, Never recieved dog I paid for or money back. Internet **Author of this Report is NOT CONFIRMED**!!. I paid for a puppy, the day of pick up they told me it died and that they would find me another puppy they kept promising me dogs but I never got one.I paid in full for the puppy so I was promised another puppy which i also never got and then a third puppy which I never got. I threw pay pal but by the time i told them it was a scam it was to late, they did help me get my money back. I later found out threw the breeder of the puppy that I original paid for that the puppy never died and wolfhuskypups.com sold the dog to three different people. I just hope this never happens to anyone else, the worst part is every time they promised me a puppy she would send me picture of it.
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