Will not make dress I paid for and won’t return e-mails


My Complaint: I paid for a custom made dress from Wonderxue when it was a company on Etsy.com on March 23, 2012 for $122.00. It is no longer a company there due to complaints and bad business practices, Etsy discontinued them. I made arrangements to tell Yuan Chen, the proprietress, when I lost enough weight for her to make the dress. When I was ready for her to make the dress, she was no longer on etsy, so I sent e-mails to her paypal e mail. No response. I also sent e-mails to Princessly.com, I believe her new business. Still no response. She won’t return my money and she won’t make the dress. She never tried to get a hold of me when her business was discontinued on Etsy. She has done this to many other people/customers. She is based in China, and has scammed many brides out of their wedding dresses and their money.


My Demand: I want my money back, or the dress she promised