Complaint: Tara Elizabeth Osuba owner of Woof’s the Word agreed to faciliate the breeding of ABCA Dotty to AKC Boom. The breeding did not occur in April when Dotty was in heat. When she agreed to hold Dotty for the breeding, it was not contemplated if the breeding did not take or that it would take a year to get Dotty back home. When Tara Osuba begain commenting thtat she was very busy with her business and quoting prices for dailiy rate at $40, I requested my dog be returned until she can be bred in the future. At that point, Ms. Osuba started to demand payment for daycare, training,etc. even though the dog was only there to beed. There was no agreement to pay her or to leave the dog for a year. Normally a pregnancy takes 63 days plust 8 weeks for weaning. Still, Tara received a puppy at no cost on 6/20/2017 valued at $650. She proceeded to demand additional compensation for Dotty and threatening to withold shipping my dog. She has used my dog as collateral to extort money. She has no contract signed by me agreeing tp compensate for holding Dotty. That is extortion and terrible business practices to create a rate after the services rather than before. I certainly would not agree for her to care for my dog for a year if her rate is $40 a day. That means I could owe $16,000 if no pups result from the breeding. That is not acceptable. The pups were not being bred for my benefit nor becaue I wanted a border staffy pup. I was trying to be a good friend by offering to breed my dog to a staffy I have no interest in. Besides, Tara Osuba has a small house like 1200 sq feet with 7 dogs and kept my dogs in a hot garage locked in crates nearly 24/7. Woof’s the Word has no space to provide doggy day care and locking dogs in a garage is unhealthy and potentially dangerous. The yard is tiny and inadequate for doggy day care services. My dogs who she transported April 3, 10 and 11 to the airport arrived with parasites, blisters and rashes from laying in urine. They were all thin and emaciated as well. Woof’s the Word LLC has not provided evidence of business licenses to provide dog training, dog boarding or any in home services. I have seen no contracts, proof of insurance or permits to operate as a dog day care facility. Ms. Osuba has demanded to be compensated and I have obliged but rquested a safety check for following the pups I have placed in her care. She refused to agree to providing updates on the pups and that is the reason I have have filed this report. Those terms were part of the placement. No aasurane, no payment. I dont owe the money anyway but was trying to resolve her additional demands for compensation. In the future, Ms Osuba should be clear on her fees. You cannot offer to watch a dog and then suddenly demand payment if it was not part of the initial placement. Bait and switch in business is consumer abuse. I would never lrefer puppy owners or eave a dog with Woof’s the Word again. I referred one client and she quoted him $4000 plus expenses to hold 2 pups who are 10 week old pups for 5 weeks.

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