The website specifies hotels such as Ramada, Sheraton etc.nBut we were offered a Motel 8. nBut if we pay extra 40 per night they will give a Hilton or a Sheraton – which means that the hotel is available but they will only give you a Motel 8.nThey promised us a $50 gas card which we never received and I dont care of. nEven after 2 months of travel I have not received my refund.nI have called atleast 30 times and they always transfer me to one person who is never available and goes to voice mail. I have left call back information and have never received any call. I wonder if there is actually a real employee at that location. They keep telling me that I already received my money.nIf I have got my $50 why would I waste 3 hours and more of my precious time dealing with SUCH people. If you call reservations they immediately pick your call and you are serviced but if its a refund – all you get is voice message and suprisingly even if you want to talk to a manager/supervisor regarding this all you get is a voice message. nThis is a company you NEVER want to deal with. If you take this report seriously you will be very GLAD that you did stay away from them. nAnonymousnmilpitas, CaliforniaU.S.A.

160 SW 12th Avenue Deerfield Beach, Florida U.S.A.


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