Complaint: Barry Racan had a 2004 Red Turbo PT Cruiser for sale. He was asking $5200 for it, we offered him $4700 and he accepted. We found out that the car was actually owned by World Class Auto and had been reposessed when we went to do the purchasing paperwork. Barry Racan stated that World Class Auto had put about $5000 worth of work into the car and that there was absolutely NOTHING that needed to be done for it. He also stated that it had just been inspected but we would need to pickup the inspection sticker at their shop on S. Irving in Sharon (not actually their shop!). I asked him repeatedly if the car needed ANY work at all and was repeatedly told “no”” by Barry. When we went to pay him

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Address: he now demanded $4799 and when we objected

Website: I took the car to the shop on S. Irving to get the inspection sticker…..all the warning lights came on briefly when I drove it the one mile to the shop. The mechanic

Phone: he said that the price was always …99 when purchasing from an auto dealer. My mother really liked the car