not paying lease or comunicate.


My Complaint: August 2013 i’ve purchased 4×40′ foot intermodal refrigerated containers from world container inc valuate at 78,000.00 US dollars and in house financed 8 more at 19500.00 ea.Their promissory note said that they will lease the containers to a third party and i’ll get monthly payment of $2003.07 for72 months after which i’ll receive $4515.44 for the next 12 months and i’ll be the owner of the 12 containers,registered with state of Nevada job number U201308120084,document number 2013020487-3 on the08-12-2013 time 12:55 pm.After 6 months the lease payments stopped i’ve reported the situation to Dean Springer and his replay was “I was surprised to learn of the indictment of Steve Jones/John Acord of Inter-Continental Railroad, Intermodal Wealth. Please direct any inquiries to the offices of Inter-Continental Railroad, Intermodal Wealth.”I’ve tried to call them but no answer i also tried to call Dean Springer but he has blocked my calls.
World container inc promise that they will place the containers elsewhere if there a problem may occur, or they will buy the containers back at the same price .
I hope that you could help me out, as that investment it is the only way to survive after i’ve bee diagnosed with osteoarthritis and very limited on my moves and work .Please.


My Demand: pay the leases or refound the money.