Complaint: ,I joined World Global Network back when it first launched in the USA over 2yeas ago. I recruited a team of distributors as I believed in the mission and vision of the company. I was sadly mistaken. This company has the worst customer/rep service of any company I have ever been involved with. I have been in this industry for over 30 years. THe customer service comes out of Italy I believe and first, they don’t write very good english when they do respond, so iti is difficult to understand what they are trying to say. If and when they do, what you most often get is that someone is looking into the issue and will get back with you. Then they never do. I have been sending in support tickets for over 6 months about a refund for faulty products and products they never delivered and still don’t have a resuolution to the problems or a refund for the faulty product they sold me or a refund for a product thousands of people purchased over a year ago that then NEVER delivered. I purchased a cell phone, Had to send it back to get it repaired, they never repaired it and eventually sent me a new one. It has problems also. I purchsed a product called the Space Lumina Glasses. It was advertsied to be a virtual reality/ wearable computor glasses. It was nothing more then a glorified android system in a pair of wearable glasses. It cost $2000, When I did recieve my glasses they quit working within a few days of getting them. I sent them back to the company HQ in Miami and was told they had to send them back to China where they were made to be repaired. They sent them back to me after about 2 months and when I got them back they NEVER worked. It appears nothing was done to fix them and I have no proof that they ever got shipped back to China to be repaired. I have been trying to get a refund for them for over 6 months. Still all I ever get is we are working on your issue with no answer. I also purchased a mini cell tower called the (Space Staion), as did thousans of people worldwide. The company has NEVER delivered them. I paid for the Space Lumina, Space Station and the cell phone in 9/2015. No one has ever had the space stations delivered. They said they were going to launch a new cell service called (MCELL 5ghz) and the Space Station was needed to get the new Mcell 5ghz signal. They never did launch the Mcell program and have never delivered or refunded anyones money. THe Space Station was $300 and I believe they sold over 100,000 of them worldwide. Think of the money they have kept even though they never delivered the product. Sadly they have never even given an explanation as to why they shelved the Mcell5ghz program. At one point they posted pics on there facebook page that they were packaging them up for delivery. That day never came and no word as to why. Extremely frustrating as reps keep asking where is my stuff I ordered and I can’t give them an answer. I have filed a complaint with the FTC about 2 months ago and have never heard back from them. I went to my bank to see if they could chargeback WGN for the purchases but it was to long since they were bought to do anything. My business reptuation has been harmed. I have reps who also purchased some or all of these products who now blame me for this. I have lost friends and business partners all because WGN did not keep or honor their word, did not deliver products people paid there hard earned money for and am at my witts end as to what to do next. I did not want to write this about them but after never getting a valid repsonse, no refunds and no help I felt this was necessary. I do feel there is a case for a class action Law Suit against World Globa Netowrk, WGN, WorldGN. I do not have access to the other reps such as myself who have been ripped off by the company. Please reach out to me if you are an attorney who may want to take this case on. I am still affiliated with the company and will probably be terminated after they see this report. I have stated on serveral emails to them all I wanted was refund for what was due me. That I still believed in some of the other technologies they had developed and that if they provided good customer service and products I felt the company could grow dramatically in the USA. They do business in approx. 140 countries worldwide, have been around for a little over 5 years. They have not delivered on the committiments in the USA and it is a shame that so many people have been hurt both financially and with their personal credibility and reputations.

Tags: Computer Fraud

Address: Nationwide USA