Complaint: The initial screen tells the tale. It reads in bold letters “FREE GOLF GAME.”” It turns out it is not so free… Its not “”FREE”” in the following ways.. 1. Unless you purchase their balls and their clubs

Tags: Internet Fraud

Address: distance and spin on balls does not occur like it does if you purchase clubs and balls. 2. They build into their program balls wind up being unusable not because you loose them in out-of-bounds or hazzards but by some capricious programming that they determine. I guess it being a computer game is rather strange how a computer generated ball on a screen can degrade through normal use. 3. As soon as you finally progress to a better level of play you find out the dynamics which you worked with to get to the next higher level have now changed. 4. They change their programming at will without notice. They changed the ability to view other player’s shots while on the green selecting even reverse views without warning. So purchasing equipment and balls under the old way had no consideration under the new way. 5. Purchased balls seem to disappear from sleeves for no apparent reason. 6. Balls hit in “”in-play”” areas such as next to greens sometimes just disappear. This game is not “”Free”” and uses capricious programming which changes at the whim of the game programmers without notice to the players who have already invested time and money to get to the stage of play that they have. As long as you know some of the tricks these people use to dupe people anyone is free to continue pay money for this “”free”” game….”


Phone: Internet USA