Worthpoint worthopedia WorthPoint Corporation took MY ebay listing-reported FALSE Sales Data/CHANGED DESCRIPTION! Atlanta Georgia!!. I do listings for Nye Emporium in Pahrump. We had a 1992 Chicken Ranch Brothel listed at $75 or best offer. We pulled the listing (it is now relisted as we found more calendars) because the calendars were starting to sell better on Etsy and we only had 3 we knew of. Worthpoint took OUR PHOTO -wrote their OWN DESCRIPTION! Their version of the listing implied the item was coming out of PA! Not Nevada. Not our description and reported item as sold-we can’t see the price or the date-but IT IS OUR PHOTO! If you look very closely you can see that is the same picture we have now RELISTED on ebay nye.emporium (seller name) & Etsy NyeEmporiumPahrump (seller name) I KNOW THIS WORTHPOINT DATA IS ABSOLUTELY FALSE because BEFORE I LISTED THE ITEM -I googled it-and none of this came up. PLUS-THEY HAVE THE PICTURES I TOOK AT THE STORE ON F

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